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TikTok or Snapchat? TikTok's New Streak Feature

TikTok is rolling out a fun new feature that might remind you of Snapchat’s streaks. If you’re not familiar with streaks, they’re basically a way to track how often you chat with your friends through direct messages (DMs). TikTok is bringing this concept to life to boost interaction and keep you coming back for more!

How Does a TikTok Streak Work?

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Starting a streak on TikTok is super easy. Just exchange messages with a friend for three days in a row, and before you know it, you've got a streak! You'll see a fire emoji and a streak count next to the chat, letting you know your streak is on. You will have to keep the conversation going for more than three days to maintain your streak. Luckily, TikTok will send you reminders when your streak is about to expire! If you or your friend don’t message within 24 hours, the streak ends.

What are the benefits?

Boosting Engagement:

Streaks are all about keeping fun conversations going! TikTok wants to keep you engaged and active by promoting daily chats. Whether you’re sharing funny videos, talking about the latest trends, or just saying hi, streaks help keep the conversation alive.

Social Currency:

Just like on Snapchat, long streaks can become a badge of honour. They are a symbol of strong relationships and frequent interactions. TikTok’s new feature is designed to foster the same sense of social value and connection.

Inspired by Snapchat:

Snapchat’s streaks are a huge hit, and people go to great lengths to maintain them. TikTok is smartly borrowing this idea to keep you hooked on your DMs.

Managing Your Streaks

Don’t want to be bombarded with streak notifications? Here’s how to manage them:

1. Go to Settings: Open TikTok and head to your profile.

2. Privacy Settings: Tap on “Privacy.”

3. Notifications: Select “Notifications.”

4. Streak Settings: Find “Streak settings” and toggle off in-app notifications.

While TikTok’s DM streaks might seem like a way to keep you glued to your phone, the main goal is to build connections and keep the fun going. As this feature rolls out in different markets, we’ll see if TikTok’s streaks become as beloved as Snapchat’s.

In short, TikTok’s DM streaks are here to spice up your chats and keep you engaged. Love it or hate it, it’s clear TikTok is all about improving the platform and keeping you connected.

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